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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

 The important thing to remember when banding babies is to do it over a counter or table so if the chick is dropped it doesn't fall to the floor. The age to band Roller canary babies is generally between 5 and 7 days. You can tell by looking at the ankle joint (the joint where the toes come together) and the size of the band.

Have the bands, a toothpick and some lubricant ready. Be sure you have the bands "right side up" for easier reading.

The band is placed on the bird's right leg. Banding just before the parents go to roost in the evening will prevent them from picking at the band. By the next morning they will have forgotten about it.

Banding Canary BabiesHold the chick firmly but in such a way as to not cut off its breathing and so that you don't harm it. Remember, their bodies cannot tolerate compression.






Banding Canary BabiesPut a little bit of lubricant on the chick's foot and slide the band over the three front toes and finally over the ankle joint.






Roller Canary BandingThe back toe will probably have to be gently pried out from under the band with a toothpick.






Roller Canary BandingThe band now should be in the proper location between the ankle and the elbow joint.





Check on the babies in the nest for few days to be sure that the band has not slipped off and that there are no scrapes or irritations on the foot or the leg.
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