Soak Seed
Friday, 10 November 2006


Soaked SeedPlace the desired amount of Soak Seed mixture in a glass jar. The mixture has been soaked in cold water at room temperature for 8 hours, then drained, and kept moist in a glass jar for an additional 18 hours, at this point the seed is washed thoroughly under running water and stored in the refrigerator.

Feed enough of this moist mixture that the birds will consume in a couple of hours. Store remaining soak seed in the refrigerator. Rinse thouroughly before using. The mixture is invaluable for feeding parents and fledging young. After soaking seeds in water and it begins to spout, the protein content will increase considerably the valuable vitamins contained in it which are all beneficial to the health of the birds insuring good vigor, good productivity and vitality.

CAUTION: Do not allow Soak Seed to go sour. In other words, do not feed a large quantity of it to the birds. Feed enough that the birds will consume in a few hours. More caution should be exercised during the warm, muggy weather.

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